We produce videos for marketing, recruiting, safety, training, orientation, presentation, website, events, fundraising, news releases, —you name it! We believe in using top professionals—people who know their stuff and are easy to work with—from camera guys to audio and lighting people to make-up artists. Well, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding!”


The Casman Group of Companies has higher standards for safety than many of it’s competitors. Casman wanted a safety video that was also done to a higher standard! This project was shot and edited in High Definition.view clip

Castlerock Estates

This is the second video that we did for this recreational property development in Invermere, B.C. CastleRock sends attractively packaged DVDs of this video to potential customers in Alberta. Sales have been very good!view clip


Pictures of Engineering Projects can be dry and lifeless. Stantec, one of the world’s largest engineering companies, wanted to add people to their projects to show who benefits when the project is complete.view clip

Westcan Bulk Transport

We did a series of recruiting videos for each of Westcan’s locations in Western Canada. Interested candidates are able to view all the videos on the company website.view clip

Faculty of nursing

The University of Alberta’s Faculty of Nursing wanted a video that accomplished two goals—recruiting for future students and fundraising for research projects.view clip

Yess : Michelles story

When Michelle was 16, her mother kicked her out. This is Michelle’s story of how the Youth Emergency Shelter Society played a key role in turning her life around. YESS uses the video at fundraising events and to encourage corporate donations.view clip